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Timothy Alexander White has continued to enhance the natural beauty in the details of images for over 50 years. From weddings, to fashion, food, nature, people and events, his ability to capture the moment is sensational. He's captured shots of many well known and influential people including former President Bill Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Halle Berry, John Legend, Tyrese, Mary Mary, and many more.  Even through video, Tim's a visual storyteller, focusing on the lives of people during special events, while recognizing the spontaneous details. His expansive videography styles include documentaries, commercials, sports-reels, promotional videos and weddings. 


He discovered at a very early age that he had the ability to draw pictures that were pretty good. Years later, the desire to create resurfaced and graphic design became another area that peaked his interest. This led him to design logos, book covers, cd covers, menus, documents, backstage passes, and a host of other items.


Hailing several awards and accolades as a former radio announcer, Tim has had the pleasure of interviewing several singers including Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, LL Cool J, Janet Jackson, Teena Marie, and Charlie Wilson. That experience led him to delve into the voice over industry. Spanning nearly 40 years, his voice over work has appeared in numerous commercials for clients including General Motors, McDonald’s, Got Milk, Better Business Bureau, and the Calm App. Tim's voice has been on commercials that have won Emmy's and even a Telly Award.


From photography to videography to graphic design to voice overs to public speaking and ministering the Gospel

- Timothy Alexander White is multi-dimensional.

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